Meet Founders Angela (Angie) & CaSandra (Doobee)


Who opens a new store in the middle of a pandemic? Apparently, Angie and I do!  As if life isn’t already chaotic (Between us we’ve got seven kids, 6 grandkids, three dogs, and three businesses)😜 

However, when you know what you’re supposed to be doing and keep on talking about the betterment of your life, God has a way of sitting things so heavily on your lap that you have no choice except to rise to the opportunity! 

So, just when we had began to embark on our second business venture, we both start having the same crazy thought 💭...let’s open an online boutique! Hmm...Well, what will we call it? 🤔The brainstorming sessions began...and then Boom💥 🤯💥 House of Fiyah was born! 🤩

HOF is a collection of all the styles we love. Haute Couture, Glam, Casual, Boho-chic, Artsy, Preppy, Tomboy, Vintage, Hip Hop, Sportswear and so much more! These styles will range from 0-5X and will eventually carry a Men’s line. We hope you will love it as much as we do!

House of Fiyah is going to be considered an online boutique with occasional pop ups, to test the waters – so to speak. We think it’s going to be great, but it’s up to you, the people!  

Stay tuned for the grand opening, November 2020!

Contact the Founders: INFO@HOUSEOFFIYAH.COM